The Scholastic Aptitude Test, also known as the SAT, is taken by high school juniors and seniors applying to colleges and universities. This exam can be taken internationally six times during the year. The SAT test is taken by high school students to demonstrate to colleges what the prospective student knows and how well they can apply their knowledge. There are three aspects of the test: reading, writing, and math. SAT scores are sent out to your desired colleges and universities as part of the admissions package.
Why take the SAT exam
Although the SAT is the commonly used formative assessment and is accepted by virtually all colleges and universities in the United States and around the world, there are other reasons a student should take the SAT. The SAT shows how you apply the thinking, writing and study skills required for college course work, and provide an opportunity for scholarship money. Colleges and universities grant scholarships to high academic students coming into the freshman class. SAT scores play a role in deciding who will be awarded these scholarships
Similarly, when a colleges look at your admission’s package, they look at a wide range of areas to get to know you better. Colleges and universities look at extracurricular activities, personal recommendations, high school courses taken, high school grades as well as a formative assessment, like the SAT.
Since, for the further study in abroad if one has to prove oneself having good score in SAT is necessary. Golden Gate Int’l Education has the courses that help the students to get through the SAT with confidence.

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